Why Attend

Fog is the enabler for IoT, 5G and embedded AI - The Time to Learn About it is NOW

Fog Computing and extending cloud computing to the edge of the enterprise’s network will bring exciting new solutions and use cases throughout diverse industries. 
Fog World Congress, now in its second year, will bring together industry leaders, technologists and researchers from around the world to discuss, explore and share fog computing insights, research, applications and projections.
Register Today and Hear About These Key Fog Computing Technologies

  • Global IoT, 5G, AI Trends
  • Fog and Edge Technologies 
  • Complimentary Technologies that leverage Fog (e.g. Blockchain)
  • Security and Privacy
  • Fog and Cloud
  • Standards
  • Fog in AI
  • Fog in IoT
  • Fog in 5G
Plus get insight on the hottest industry applications and new business models covering robotics, drones, autonomous vehicles, smart factories, and smart cities.