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Research Track

Fog World Congress 2018

Research Track IEEE Industry Summit

Fog computing is becoming a global trend, offering a new computing and networking paradigm required to address the many new challenges in the Internet of Things (IoT), next-generation mobile networks, and emerging applications such as those based on embedded Artificial Intelligence.

Many new challenges arise in enabling Fog computing and networking, creating a fertile ground for research and innovation. The research track will address some of these challenges and will seek discussion on some critical issues including:

  • What Fog architectures make the most sense?
  • How to scale Fog architectures to support very small and very large systems
  • How can Fog and Cloud work together to support applications that cannot be easily supported by computing only inside the cloud or at the network edges?
  • How to enable highly manageable distributed Fog systems and services?
  • How to secure distributed Fog systems?

Addressing these challenges necessitates rethinking of the end-to-end computing, networking, and control architectures.

The past year has seen rapid growth of Fog-related research. The Fog World Congress 2018 Research Track will feature researchers from around the world sharing their recent research results and their visions on the roads ahead. As an IEEE Communications Society “Industry Summit,” it will enable a valuable information exchange between industry and academia.